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Dangers of buying fake Louis Vuitton goods online

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louis_vittone_bagBuying fake goods or counterfeit goods online is a crime. World over fake goods sale has cost the world economy two hundred and fifty billion every year and the amount just keeps growing by the minute. What does this mean? It means that the loss if for the original designer and also resulting in job loss as it also affects the employees. It is totally unethical, illegal and a criminal offence for manufacturing, distributing and selling fake goods. Even putting a look alike label is considered a crime.

Fake goods always pretend to be the real thing. The difference may be miniscule but a fake is a fake. The cost of buying a fake does not make it a crime on the victim. The drawbacks are as follows:

  • how-to-spot-a-fake-louis-vuitton-bagThe profit does not go to the designer and so the fruits of labor are lost.
  • Fake goods always hurt the consumer.
  • Fake designers do not pay taxes which indirectly mean that less money is available for city schools, hospitals and other society programs.
  • Most fake goods are produced in dingy shops run by organized crime. The profits from the sale of these fake products help to support smugglers, drug addicts, sex traffickers and street groups supporting violence.
  • The dingy shops violate child labor laws and basic human rights. Most of the laborers are forced into modern day slavery.

deal-of-the-monthThe fake is not just restricted to apparel. It covers the entire gamut of products that sell under the sky. Thus there can be fake pharma products, electronic items, computer parts and software, all vehicle parts from bikes to cars, toys, watches, DVD’s , cameras and jewelry.

The more dangerous fakes are cosmetics, fake drugs to treat cancer and malaria, baby milk products and other food items.

Surprisingly the United States happens to be the biggest and number one destination for fake products. In fact fake goods to the tune of one point two billion dollar were seized at the border. Fake luxury items are sold online and they really look real. It is known worldwide that buying on illegal websites is a punishable offence. Even consumers of fake goods can be fined or even arrested.

Louis-Vuitton-Monogram-Multicolore-Speedy-40-Bag-294x196It is common the world over that everyone wants to make the fast and easy buck but at what a price one may ask. The dangers of buying fake goods can hurt you or your loved ones some time or the other. If a product is sold at an extremely low price one can surely say that it is a fake product. When buying sneakers it is always advisable to look at the sole of the sneaker. If the sole is rock hard it is surely a fake because it is made up of cheaper material. When buying belts or bags, always look for the handle or the zipper, if they are easily breakable then they are truly fakes.

So the bottom line is that if we are buying a fake product and knowing about it then it is we that re promoting organized crime.

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